10 legit reasons we love a good Bloody Mary

Heartier than most alcoholic cocktails, a delicious Bloody Mary isn’t only refreshing, it can give a nice little buzz along with its hefty serving of tomatoes and other veggies. The Bloody Mary is an absolute staple of the typical American brunch and is used as the ultimate hangover cure by thousands.

When I first moved to the United States I had not had a lot of experience with Bloody Marys, even working a barkeeper during my time in college. Since it is so rare to see someone back in Austria ordering a Bloody Mary, you don’t really pay a lot of attention to the drink’s perfect preparation. I remember having brunch with friends at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in Pacific Beach and everybody ordered a Bloody Mary. Well, everybody except me. Of course I was curious and wanted to know what’s so special about drinking tomato juice. Who likes tomato juice anyway? After the first sip I still wasn’t as hyped as my friends, but then I ordered my own a little spicier. 




Trust me when I say: I don’t “like” tomato juice, because I LOVE tomato juice. Particularly now that it’s mixed with Vodka, all kinds of spices and garnished with bacon. Hard to believe it’s something that’s just not so popular in the middle of Europe at all. What a pity.


To get you in the spirit for Bloody-making, here are 10 legit reasons why we simply LOVE a good Bloody Mary.

It’s an American Classic. It just is.. and if you like alcoholic cocktails, you have to try it at least once. I’m the best example for this Now I’m hooked.

It spices up your life. We like our Bloody Mary super spicy… Tabasco, cayenne pepper or horseradish do a great job for that. But a Bloody Mary is open to so many interpretations and one of the few drinks that doesn't follow bar tending 101 at all.

Just be creative. You can put whatever the hell you want in it.

My (not so) secret (anymore) list of ingredients I have made a Bloody Mary with:

BBQ sauce, bacon, jalapeños, cayenne pepper, olives, dijon mustard, Sriracha sauce, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, olive-oil infusion, truffle salt, blood orange juice, marinara sauce, grilled cheese, grilled butternut squash, chili flakes, grapefruit juice, curry powder (wasn’t a big fan of that), fresh ginger, green peppercorn, beef stock, brown sugar, and capers. I think that’s it. For now.

Know why you never see anybody order a Bloody during the evening? Because it’s a cocktail exclusively designed for the time before noon. Or have you seen many people drink them at night? See?

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not - drinking a Bloody Mary after a rough night just feels right. A Hair of the Dog helps only if you believe in it… and we are believers.

Once you know how to prepare it and more importantly, once you know how you really like your Bloody Mary, making a perfect one is easy and doesn’t take a long time.

It gives celery a reason to exist. Don’t get me wrong, celery is healthy and once you dip it into something it doesn’t taste all that bad, but as a Bloody Mary garnish its’s just so much better.

One more good reason to eat your bacon. Bacon is great. Just fantastic. Bacon.

With most cocktails, using a mix is a sign that you don’t know how to really prepare a handcrafted cocktail, but there are so many really good Bloody mixes out there. We particularly like the Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix or the Charleston Bold and Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, which has a robust tarragon kick to it. Josh loves tarragon and if you’re lucky, he’ll share his tarragon chicken wrap recipe with you one day. It’s so incredibly delicious.

I know, exciting, right?! Even more so now, because we’re sharing  our own personal —from scratch— recipe right here right now. Make it at home, or at a friend’s, or at the pool, or wherever.

Make ‘em the Behlster Way.


What do you say? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But because everyone has their own way of preparing it, I'm curious how you prepare yours.

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