30 signs a beach vacation is calling 1 name: YOURS!


It’s time for a beach vacation, baby…

Like, right now!

Remember not thinking about work 24/7 and the time you didn’t care where your phone was? Remember that delightful and invigorating breeze in your hair? No? If you vaguely remember being free once upon a time, you probably need to go on vacation, because every now and then it's required to remain sane. Even experts say it’s important to take care of yourself at the first hint of burnout to ensure you’re not working yourself into the ground. But you don’t have to be an expert to know that too much work and too little time for your self isn’t good. In the end, it’s not the quantity of work that helps brining you closer to your goals, it’s the quality how well you can do your work… so get some quality time at the beach to bring out the best in you. There’s nothing like a vacation on the horizons to kick your ass into high gear and, trust me, a couple days off will do you good.

Read on for some of the signs telling you that you’re overdue for a vacation. If you’re experiencing one or more of these, consider giving yourself a break to de-stress and let the ocean clear your head agin.

#1 Missing Person Report

Friends start sending you texts to ask if you’re okay, because you haven’t posted pictures on social media in months because nothing exciting has happened at all.

#2 The Snooze Button

You're always tired and you have pressed the snooze button on your alarm more than five times this morning. Once - that’s normal. Twice - fine, we all do that. Tree times - oh you’re pushing the limit, sweetheart. More than four times - well, you’re facing a problem here and you know it.

#3 Yelling

You start yelled at your spouse. You never ever yell at him or her. (One of the many reasons, why living at the beach is so fantastic… Josh and I, we never yell at each other, never argue or fight… god, I love the oceanside of living).

#4 Yelling and Crying

No one wants to talk to you anymore because every conversation has a good chance of you either ending up in tears, being negative or yelling at people.

#5 More Yelling

Actually you shout at just about everyone and everything these days. “WHY DOES THE GARBAGE SMELL SO BAD???!!” Darling, just take it outside. Problem solved.

#6 Same Shit Different Day.

When you wake up just and another day is starting, you will go to work, stuff will happen, and eventually you will die. That’s your life. Day by day.

#7 Sunset at the Beach

You can’t remember the last time you watched a sunset at the beach.


#8 That Vampire Guy

You barely even recognize yourself when looking in a mirror because you’re as pale as a vampire.

#9 Bad Times

Your boss has to force you to use your days, because your days off feel so precious to you, that you basically want to save them for times worse than these. (Really, like what?)

#10 Beachwear

You don’t really remember what bathing suits, bikinis or shorts you own as it’s been that long since you’ve been able to wear them.

#11 Sundays Suck

You can’t enjoy Sundays anymore, because the only thing you can think about is that the next day you have to go to work again.

#12 Addictions

You find yourself constantly craving junk food, drinking more than usual, or relying on coffee to keep you moving.

#13 Excessive Naps

You need a daily nap. Or two. Anytime, anywhere.

#14 You Don't Like Happy People

You unfriend or unfollow even your closest friends on several social media channels that share thoughts and images of the oh-so-wonderful time they are having during their beach vacation.

#15 24/7 Work

You’ve been working the same job for the past two years, you’re working most Saturdays and have yet to take a vacation.

#16 Lazy Butt.

You’ve had absolutely no time or motivation to exercise over the past few months and you start getting that unflattering layer of fat around your belly.


#17 No Luxury

Leaving your office building to actually get lunch away from your desk feels like a luxury to you.

#18 No Pedicure

You haven’t gotten a pedicure in months because there’s no chance that anybody will ever see your bare feet.

#19 Lack of Concentration

You’re so mentally exhausted, that it becomes super hard to concentrate, focus or remember anything and you’ll need twice as long for your work.

#20 Can't Sleep

You're incredibly tired, but still can’t sleep, because your mind can’t stop thinking.

#21 3-Day-Weekends

A three-day weekend is coming up and you’re as excited as a kid on Christmas.

#22 Pretend to

You start hating everybody and everything with little reason. Pretending to like people is so much easier when you've dosed up on calming beach vitamins.


#23 Dark Oblivion

You start forgetting almost everything. Your mom’s birthday, an important meeting, to water your plants, or to feed your dog. Poor Waldo.

#24 No Ambition

You've lost your ambition and spirit for almost everything. What the heck happened with you?

#25 Lack of Sunshine

You can’t physically remember the feeling of the sun on your skin. The closest to warmth you’ve felt in forever is the time you spent in a tanning bed trying to lose the ill-faced ghost look.

#26 Fantasizing

You’re fantasizing about Mimosas and Bloody Marys when eating your lousy oats for breakfast.The best part about a vacation is that it’s socially acceptable to be a little tipsy the entire time.

#27 What?

When you have conversations, even about important things, ten minutes later you have no clue what it was actually about.

#28 Hate People

You start hating everybody and honestly think about giving them a high five. In their face. With a chair. Pretending to like people is so much easier when you've dosed up on calming beach vitamins.

#29 Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Your day starts at 5am and at around 7am you’re having your third cup of coffee.

#30 Desert Island

You consider quitting your job, selling your belongings, and moving to an island on a daily basis.

I’m not sure why it may have taken you this long to realize you need a sunny vacation, but if you exhibit any of these signs, we highly suggest you take some time off and hit the beach asap. There is no way the long time without seeing the ocean can even remotely be good for anyone.

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