Why finding the perfect tailor should be a fashion priority

Too tight, too baggy, too long, too short, too low-cut, too high-cut and so on - the list of fitting nightmares is endless. We all know these problems far too well, don’t we? In my experience, closets all over the world are brimming with ill-fitting clothes. I write for several European fashion magazines and one major problem our readers face is the perfect fit of their clothes. Sure, finding clothes that fit you well is the first important step, but tailoring is crucial in terms of working with your body. The issue isn’t always just the size - It's about the perfect fit. Keep in mind that everyone is different!

A few honest, but a little embarrassing words in advance: Before I met Josh I never consulted a tailor to get the best fit out of my clothes. I’m very handy myself and if there is something to fix I can usually do that myself. Well… at least that’s what I thought. Unfortunately fixing a hole in a T-shirt isn’t quite the same as getting your blouse or shirt perfectly tailored to your body. Josh always gets his shirts and jeans fitted if he’s not 110% happy with how it looks. After he took me to his tailor the lady instantly became one of my best friends. Not literally, but you know what I mean. Her hands can do magic with a sewing machine. The trick to truly affordable style is to find a great tailor, because there are some small, but genius tricks to a perfect fit that only a tailor knows.


If you still wonder whether you should get your clothes tailored or not, check out why I’m so in love with tailored clothes!

  • There is one simple reason why many stars and celebrities look so fantastic in their outfits: their clothes fit absolutely perfect. If you don’t have your own 24/7 stylist, it’s very rare that clothes will always fit “just right”.
  • The fitted version of an outfit looks much more polished and tailoring is a simple and often inexpensive way to make clothes feel more flattering and more professional.
  • Most clothes are made for an average form and certain generic measurements. When you buy clothes straight off the rack or online, pants sometimes run long or some skirts hit at an awkward length. No matter your shape, tailoring will help your clothes fit better and look better.
  • It’s so worth it! When you invest in clothing or a whole new outfit, you’re investing in your own presentation. Make every dollar count.
  • The perfect fit is the difference between a cute and loose beach cover up or a muumuu (mu’umu’u), a sharp suit or a clown costume, or sexy low-waisted jeans and showing everyone your underwear.
  • Why should you be okay with “just average”, if you can have “absolutely fabulous”?
  • Your personal taste will always come into play, but keep in mind that proportion is the key to a perfect fit. A tailor knows this…
  • Whenever you get dressed you want your clothes to look great on you and you don’t want to look like they are either super tight or that you’re drowning in them.
  • Alterations don’t have to be complicated or costly. Most tailors have a basic price list or can quote the price for your garment in a couple of minutes. The costs for the different alterations may vary from region to region, but you will find costs to be within the range of $10 to $50 Dollars.
  • It’s not always easy to find a great tailor, but recommendations from people you trust or from style professionals are the best way to find the ideal tailor for you. If you live in San Diego, check out our favorite tailor, Ann’s Alterations & Tailoring. The store also has great reviews on Yelp.

The end result is a trim closet and a fantastic self-confidence boost. Clothes that fit well are worth a little effort and will help you love what you wear.

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