Grow up! 12 Reasons Why We LOVE Being Adults

We have to admit: We love being adults... So why is being an adult so totally awesome!?

First of all, it was Josh who made me come up with the idea to write this post. We had one of those days where we both totally killed it at work, grabbed a drink with our amazing group of friends, had ice cream after a fantastic homemade dinner, stayed up ’til 1am watching “America, the story of us” (btw the show is great and so informative!), and he was like, “Babe, being an adult is just fucking awesome!”. So that got me thinking…

When you’re young you can’t wait to grow up… Almost every child wants to be a grown-up RIGHT NOW. When you're a kid, it seems like everything awesome in life is going to happen as soon as you're an adult. As an adult you can start making money, vote, drink, gamble, or buy whatever you want. But then it seems that every adult wants to go back to their youth. Once you reach adulthood, there’s a big load of shit waiting for you that no one prepared you for. And it's not just stuff like jury duty (that was new to me and almost ruined my 30th birthday… more about this another time), loans, and taxes, it's stupid shit no one saw coming. Things like making decisions, being on hold, whether you're waiting on the credit card company or your health insurance, or realizing how much your metabolism has slowed down (unfortunately that “late night ice cream snacking” thing doesn't come without consequences). Ugh, when did I sign up for this?!

While we miss certain things about being adolescent, there are way more things we love about being all grown up. Let us tell you that being an adult also brings all the fantastic things that we thought it did when we were young. I mean, do you have any idea how privileged you are to be a full-fledged grown-up? In the case you need a little reminder of why being an adult is awesome; here are our favorite reasons why being one is the best thing ever.

Stay up all night.

There is no bedtime for adults! Is there a “responsible” time to sleep? Sure, but is there also a Die Hard marathon on tv? Exactly. Then we only need some snacks and to plant your butts on the couch. If you want to stay up late watching movies, or go out until 3am, you can do so. We are all smart enough to know how much sleep we need, right?  Sure, we're usually in bed before midnight every night. But we could stay up ’til 3 in the morning, you know, if we wanted to.

Live where you want. 

You can decide for yourself what kind of city you want to live in. Growing up in a town with a population of around 500 people was the perfect place for me as a child. Now, as an adult, I love living in a big city that still gives me the warm feeling of a little town. San Diego has so many charming little districts and people would rather say they are from La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Hill Crest, or Ocean Beach than say they are from San Diego. I love where I live.

No homework, no tests.

Some of you may still attend school or maybe you’re thinking about going back to school for an additional degree or just because you want to, but speaking for Josh and me, we won’t be in the position anymore where someone is assigning us homework. I actually really liked going to school (Josh did not), but some of the homework teachers gave was just a waste of time. Seriously, by time I mean hours. And even better than no homework: you don't ever have to take another standardized test. Yay!

Eat what you want.

Want to make double chocolate cupcakes for breakfast? Go for it! You want cereal for dinner? Then goddamn it, have cereal for dinner. No one can stop you. And what about ice cream…?

Weekend brunch. 

We love spending our weekends having brunch with friends. Well, we’re usually awake around 8am and ready for brunch by 9, 9:30 of the latest, but since our friends prefer having brunch at around 11:30 (seriously guys, we love you, but that’s not brunch anymore… how shall we survive until that time without eating?), we sometimes also have brunch by ourselves. Oh, and if you ask yourself why you never had brunch when you where young, we have an easy explanation for you: brunch isn’t brunch without a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Period.

You can be goofy… 

and everybody loves it. Last week, I was in a kitchenware shop and I set a whole shelf of kitchen timers to go off after three minutes and giggled like a teenager on my way out. A group of girls watched me do that, waited outside with me, and gave me a high five when the timers went off while watching the shop assistants running around like chickens.

Ice cream whenever you want.

I really don’t want to encourage unhealthy eating habits, but it’s ice cream, folks! When I first met Josh he hadn't had ice cream for about two years. A big scoop of Peanut Butter-Dark Chocolate-Caramel Swirl changed his world… and mine, because I never had peanut butter ice cream before, and now I could eat it all the time. For breakfast? No problem! Before dinner? Why not! Watching a movie? Sure! I can do what I want, and there will be no one there to stop me. Okay, I still see ice cream as a cheat meal, but that way it tastes even better.

Get a pet.

As an adult you are able to become a pet parent. Come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to get a fuzzy friend who will be basically obligated to love you forever and ever. Of course if you’re not living by yourself you should ask your landlord, roommate, or significant other (Honeyyyyy… can we get a cat? “No.” A dog? “Only a huge, bad ass one.” A squirrel? “N… wait. Yeah that’s cool.”) to not get into trouble.

Change your style. 

It’s your decision if you want to dye your hair, tattoo your body, or pierce the various folds of skin. Ditto for your clothes… you can wear whatever you want and what doesn’t get you fired. I’m a little bit old-fashioned I guess, because I never dyed my hair, Josh has enough tattoos for the both of us, and I’ve only pierced my ears, but that doesn’t really count, because I did that with my dad when I was about 5.

Don’t ask for permission.

You can buy whatever you want, go wherever you want, have another drink, and eat another burger - the choice is yours, and that's a beautiful thing. You may face some consequences, but that is your choice to make. Just make sure that your adult brain kicks in from time to time, sassy pants.

Online Shopping.

Yup, I’m an online shop-a-holic. I spend many of my work breaks on Pinterest, Amazon, or travel websites. Pinterest to get ideas on what to oder, Amazon to order what I found on Pinterest, and travel websites, because there is so much to see and to do. Which brings me to the last, but actually one of my favorite points for today:

Travel wherever and whenever you want.

I love my dad, but his obsession with historical war scenes doesn’t get to dominate my travel plans anymore. Yippee! (Sorry, mom, you have to take this now all by yourself…) Josh and I love to travel to places where we’re never been, but there are also places like Las Vegas, Nevada, or Dubrovnik, Croatia, of which we can’t get enough of.

See, don't you feel better now about being an adult? Of course, we all have these days where we have to pay bills or can’t push doing taxes to the back burner any longer, but it's important to enjoy all those terrific upsides as well. The rewards far outweigh the costs.

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