Message in a Bottle

…Messages around the world…

So… If you could send a message in a bottle, what would you write down? I had a ton of ideas what to put into a bottle, but I honestly never sent one myself.

Did you know, that not too long ago a walker in Canada discovered the world's oldest message in a bottle, washed up on a beach after 107 years? Believe it or not, he refuses to open it and read the note inside! Isn’t that crazy? I would die from the suspense! The message was sent by Earl Willard from San Francisco - sent on September 19th 1906, 1,115 miles away from where it was found.

I’m a romantic… So I hope it was a love letter to his loved one. Sigh. Did you ever read the book ‘Message in a bottle’ by Nicholas Sparks or at least watch the movie with Kevin Costner and Robin Wright? If not… get a glass of wine and do so! It will bring you into the perfect romantic mood. I love the book, because it has several fantastic quotes in it.


One more little secret I want to betray… I love this little DIY Date Jar from It’s designed to be a wedding guest book, but we use it to put ideas for date nights in it. Josh can pick the white little messages and I can pick the brown ones to figure out what we’ll do for our next date night. It’s always exciting and barely cant’t wait to pick the next message or see how Josh reacts to one of my ideas.


If you grew to like sending a message in a bottle, you can either go low-budget and just take any bottle you can find at home or you can order one of the cool Message in a Bottle Kits from Amazon.


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