Move To The Beach! Top 8 Reasons For Oceanside Living

Ahhh… the beach. Can you think of anything better? I’m serious. For us there’s no other place quite as calming, relaxing, beautiful, or pleasant as the beach. It helps us stay physically, mentally, and spiritually fit, and it offers the simple pleasure of unplugging in our otherwise tech-heavy and work-driven world. Nowadays it’s such a luxury to NOT have your phone with you all the time and you realize the stress relief of tranquil waves, sand, and the ocean breeze the second you begin to smell salt in the air.

Tell me that your weekend trip to the beach or the last oceanside vacation didn’t leave you feeling super refreshed! See? Now imagine a life at the beach 365 days a year, 7 days a week. For many, living by the ocean is the ultimate dream, but beach front property are some of the most expensive places to live in the entire country. Living by a coastline is simply more desirable, so therefore it is more expensive and unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to live in a beach house. However, simply moving closer to the beach (we live about 7 minutes away from the beach) already has a huge effect on us, because apart from the lifestyle that beach side living offers, moving closer to the sea significantly improved our well being. The ocean uplifts, heals, and is also scientifically proven to have a positive benefit to our health, mood, energy, and physical wellness. They also say that those who live by the beach are more likely living a calmer, less stressful life with all the health benefits the sun and sea provide.

I totally agree… Josh and I had many reasons why we decide to move as closest as possible to the beach, and we only regret we didn’t move sooner. Anyway, now we are here and if you’re considering to join us on the sunny side of life, or only need an excuse to hit the beach (as if we really need an excuse), here are the ultimate reasons why you should move right NOW!


Do it the Behlster Way…

Just remember to wear your sunscreen.


# 8: No Stress

I always associated the beach with relaxation, including ocean tides, sea breezes, and warm sand, which all help to remove the stress of everyday life, but while a short vacation at the beach usually only reduced my stress level temporarily, I now have this benefit on a daily basis: Moving to the sea erased stress like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Living life with less stress is bound to have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being, and for me it also provides calmness and relaxation. Somehow, living close to the ocean melts my stress away before it even starts to bother me. I used to go to bed with thoughts about how crazy stressful the next workday will be and now I just fall into my bed and find myself in dreamland minutes later. Waking up with the sun shining in your face always gives the right motivation and if I really need a moment to get new energy, I simply spend my lunch break at the beach. There I can unplug, let go of my computer and smartphone for a while, and allow myself a technology-free escape to this sandy oasis.

# 7: Fantastic Sleep

…every night. Have you ever wondered why you always sleep so deeply after spending the day on the beach and feel so much more energized in the morning? It's because of all that fresh sea air. Generally, fresh air does the body good, there’s no doubt about that, but when you live near the beach, the air is even more refreshing. Living close to the ocean reserves your serotonin and melatonin hormones, which help the body to relax and promote a great night’s sleep. The air close to the ocean is also charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. So breath in and relax…


# 6: Happy Skin

The beneficial qualities of seawater have been known for centuries. Sea water contains many helpful components including calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride, and they aid in healing wounds, reducing infections, improving skin conditions, flushing out toxins and promote pain relief. That’s all fantastic news, but one of my personal favorite benefits of salty ocean water is that it is full of anti-aging minerals that naturally open up pores, relieve and hydrate dry and itchy skin, increase the elasticity of the skin, and in turn improves its appearance. I’m luscious 30 now, but as we grow older, skin always tends to lose its tightness and suppleness. Treating your body to a little bit of saltwater helps to keep everything a little bit tighter.

# 5: Skyrocket Your Energy Level

I have to admit, I’ve always been a true live wire. I’m usually up very early and use every day to the fullest. Since I moved here this feeling only increased and I feel like a million dollars. It’s like nothing can stop you when you’re full of energy and ready to conquer the world. Of course, everybody is different, but nobody can tell me that living close to the ocean doesn’t positively influence their mood. Or let me say it differently, what motivates you more: Listening to the flow of the ocean waves while feeling the sunshine on your face, to the stop and go of a city’s morning traffic while trying to breath without coughing? Please leave a comment to tell me what motivates you the most… I’m thrilled to hear about it!


# 4: Sunny Side of Life

We know that people tend to be happier in the warmer months of the year and the lack of sunlight in the dark winter months can cause various problems. It’s been scientifically proven that sunshine can make us happier, which is obviously much easier to achieve if you live near the beach. We decided for San Diego as our perfect beach area to live, because it’s not only the ocean that makes us happy, the daily sunshine works it magic as well. Exposing your skin to sunlight allows you to benefit from a necessary source of vitamin D, because sunshine is a main source of vitamin D which plays a major role in regulating the immune system, decreasing depression, balancing calcium (e.g. for healthy bones), combating diseases, and reducing anxiety. Although you have to be careful about too much sun exposure, a certain amount is needed to maintain a healthy body and a happy soul. At this point I also have to mention the sexy bronzing effect the sun has on your skin. If you always treat your skin well, use a sufficient level of SPF, and don’t comm yourself to the sun for hours every single day and get sunburned, you can enjoy a healthy tan all year round.

# 3: Beach Body Workouts

In addition to all the other the benefits, oceanside living encourages me to get out, enjoy the salty air, the magnificent sunshine, and provides better opportunities for outdoor exercise. Running or jogging barefoot in the sand (Have you ever tried that? It’s harder than it looks! I love how my muscles are forced to work harder since the sand gives with every step.), playing beach volleyball or soccer, going surfing, swimming, boogie boarding, or simply doing beach yoga are all excellent workouts. Even a simple walk at the beach increases the strength in your feet when going barefoot. Seldom are there days when I go to the beach and do absolutely no exercise, so ditch the gym and make the beach your fitness playground. For free!


# 1: Delicious Food

And here it comes… Food. Incredibly delicious food. It’s not just the absolute freshness of the food or the love chefs put into their meals, it’s all the above… Everything tastes better when your body, mind, and soul are healthy and happy. Sitting outside to have dinner without freezing, having a drink while watching the waves crashing on the cliffs, enjoying the crystal clear taste of ice cold water after a beach workout, or treating yourself to a freshly prepared smoothy and having a moment just for yourself… Food tastes different here. And we love it! Who would’ve ever thought that moving closer to the coast would have such an impact on our health and well-being? Right, I know! So go ahead… seek out your perfect beach town. Don’t say it’s not possible. It is possible and it is completely worth it!

If you wonder what qualifies me health advice - I finished my masters degree for ‘sport science’ in 2013 and my masters degree in ‘health and nutrition’ in 2006 - graduated form both schools with honor and now I’m happy to share my knowledge with you friends.

// Journalist / US Correspondent / Blogger // You want to know what makes my life so special? EVERYTHING! And I don't want to miss a single little thing - where I live, what I do, and especially with whom I spend my life. Life is absolutely fantastic, so just join us here on the sunny side!

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