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Watch them over and over again!

Okay, I have to admit it. We watch a lot of movies and you could easily say we’re very passionate about it too. You name it: action, thriller, horror, comedy, classics, documentaries, tasteful dramas and if I prepare a nice cheese board with fruit, nuts, lemon pepper (damn, we’re nuts for McCormick Lemon Pepper), and also hand Josh a good glass of wine, chances are that we may even watch a chick flick. Anyway, I’m not writing about romantic movies here, but about our favorite beach-themed movies. Hollywood filmmakers have always used dreamy, remote islands from around the world to set the scene for blockbuster movies, and often times they hook us right in.

Whether they're set at the beach or on an island, these flicks will have you dreaming of your next vacation. Kick off your shoes, slather on your sunscreen, and check out the list of our Top 5 wonderful beachy movies.

5. Fool's Gold

First of all, this movie got a lot of criticism from pretty much every movie platform out there, but when it comes to movies like Fool’s Gold I really don’t understand the critics, because what do you artistically expect from a romantic comedy? An amazing storyline and a lot of deepness? Really? A movie that makes you dream about vacation on a small island, surrounded by palm trees and tropical flowers, doesn’t need to win an academy award, if it already fulfills it’s purpose when it makes you dream and smile from ear to ear.

Fool’s Gold stars Matthew McConaughey (Benjamin “Finn” Finnegan) and Kate Hudson (his wife Tess) who both work really well together. Finn is a deep-sea treasure hunter certain he's onto the find of the century in waters near an island close to Key West. The recently divorced couple rekindle their romantic life while searching for the lost treasure.

For me, Fool’s Gold is a great blend of romance, adventure, a little bit of fun drama, and a lot of entertainment all in an insanely gorgeous setting. I saw it in the theater back then and liked it just as much the second, third, … time around. Every time watch this movie I want to grab my scuba gear and go look for treasure myself. It’s the perfect adventure movie for when you just want to set back and enjoy the time with your significant other.

4. Couples Retreat

Critics not only picked on Fool’s Gold, they also practically hated Couples Retreat. I read a lot about how unrealistic it is. Oh really, it’s a) a movie and b) a comedy. Maybe that’s because most film critics spend too much time in little dark rooms far from the ocean with no vacation in sight. I'm not sure what these guys look for in a movie, but this movie continues to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. What I know is that we, both Josh and I, really enjoyed this comedy. The movie was set in Bora Bora, which is one of our absolute favorite vacation destinations, with scenery that is absolutely breathtaking. The film follows four Midwestern couples who embark on a journey to a tropical island resort. While one of the couples is there to work on their marriage, the others fail to realize that participation in the resort's therapy sessions is not optional. What follows is a look at typical an array go various menacing problems faced by many couples. It was hilarious, but also pleasantly touching in its handling of the challenges of marriage.

Yes, Couples Retreat is a chick flick, but it has enough funny and entertaining scenes to make the boyfriend, husband or partner happy as well. Sit back, loosen up that critical mindset, and enjoy this film for the silly riff on relationships.

3. Into the Blue 

If you like crystal clear underwater scenery, life at a sunny shore and boating, there is no reason for you to miss this film. We already watched it several times and it doesn’t get boring.The film takes every opportunity to put the main characters, Jessica Alba as Sam and Paul Walker as Jared, under water to show the beauty of the ocean.

From the very beginning, the paradisiac setting and suitable music grab you from a boring every day life…and into the blue. This movie is a suspenseful and engrossing movie about a couple involved in an underwater hunt in the Bahama Islands after they accidentally discover what they believe is a vast sunken treasure. The divers face danger when they attempt to retrieve the goods from the pirate ship in shark-infested waters, compete with treasure-seekers and confrontations against a nasty drug-lord. Into the Blue is an amusing seagoing adventure with plentiful action and, like Fool’s Gold, makes you want to go on an adventure immediately.

2. Six Days, Seven Nights

Big-screen favorite Harrison Ford stars in this adventure about a dream vacation that turns into a (funny) tropical nightmare. The film itself was shot on the Hawaaian island of Kauai and will instantly put a smile on your face.

Being on a romantic tropical island with her husband, the ambitious New York fashion magazine executive Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) agrees cover a story on a neighboring island. Unfortunately there is only one plane with an unfriendly pilot available, but she has no choice. The gruff pilot-for-hire Quinn Harris (Harrison Ford) hates tourists, but he's not above making a fast buck from the sharp-tongued New Yorker, when she's desperate for the quick flight to Tahiti. This already uneasy relationship suddenly takes a nosedive when his weather-beaten rustic plane is forced down in a storm. Now, stranded together on a deserted isle, Quinn and Robin quickly discover all the perils of paradise, as they finds themselves facing danger at every turn.

There is enough adventure so as not to disappoint the action fan as well as a certain element of romance too. Six Days, Seven Nights is one of our beach favorites, because if you're having a bad day...the actors are having a much worse one and manage to pick up your mood with the delivery of lines that’ll make us laugh every time. Harrison Ford and an airplane always equals a great movie. I hope you too will laugh, and smile, and chuckle, and enjoy this great beachy movie.

1. Point Break

Point Break is not only our absolute favorite beach-themed movie, it’s also one of our all-time favorite movies. When Josh and I met for the first time we talked about movies and we found out that three out of our top five faves match. Point Break is one of those films that everybody loves, but that nobody actually talks about. It is a film that if you mention it in conversation, everyone else around is bound to say how much they enjoyed it.

The FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) examines his inner self while going undercover to bring down a gang of surfer bank robbers by infiltrating their scene. Patrick Swayze plays the adrenaline guru Bodhi so well, with his glazed-eyes and silver tongued expertise, you almost feel hypnotized by his enthusiasm for surfing.

Point Break has lots of sun, surfing, and half-naked people together with the superb coasting of Keanu Reeves’ and Patrick Swayze’s picture-perfect rolls. The movie serves as not just an action thriller spectacle, but also as a voice for advocates of the adrenalin rush culture. Everything has a breezy, summer tone to it and it’s one of the few movies where surfing is really prominent at all times. It just feels like summer in California and makes you want to forget your job, move to the coast, surf all day, have beach bonfires and party all all time.

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